How to Have a Great Yard Sale!

Nobody wants to drag all of their stuff outside on a poor-weather day just to sit there alone.
Planning the perfect yard sale can be fun and fruitful!


Wait for good weather. We all know that we can't control the weather, but plan for months of the year when the sun might be shining and there is the least likelihood that customers would get rained out.

Advertise in the local newspapers. Some might even offer free ad space for your sale.
Keep your prices low! Even if you paid a lot for a new shirt and it has only been worn once, if you truly want to get rid of it, keep the prices low to attract customers to the bargains!
Label clearly. Customers who see your low prices are more likely to buy the items - or at least try to haggle with you about them!
Have a selection. If you don't think you have enough for a sale, bring in the neighbors or family members to add their items. The more you have, the better chance it will draw a crowd.
Location, location, location... it rings true even for a yard sale. If you live in a remote area, you might want to try to find a friend or relative in a heavier trafficked area to use their lawn for a day or so.
Plan for the weekends. Most folks work throughout the middle of the week and can't get to your sale from work. A good Saturday and Sunday yard sale will bring in more customers who are curious as to what you have to offer.
Have fun! If you have children, bring them in on it! You wouldn't believe how well a lemonade stand will do on a hot summer day with the crowds of people you'll have!
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