Special Recycling Collections

At the office and around the County, the Solid Waste Authority often holds special collections for materials other than what is collected at the big blue bins.

Electronics Recycling
Junk Mail Collection
The Authority collects electronics at our office in Ebensburg during our business hours. Click here for information on what can be recycled and to see the price list.
From old bills to unwanted flyers, the Authority accepts junk mail for recycling at our office. Simply drop it off during business hours. No fees apply.
Household Hazardous Waste Collection
Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs (CFLs)
Cleaners, chemicals, auto fluids - all are toxic and hard to dispose of properly. Click here for details on this annual collection.
Have a bulb that went bad? Recycle them at the Authority's office. Click here for more information.
Mercury and Mercury-containing Devices
Book Recycling Event
Old thermometers, thermostats, and bulk mercury are extremely hazardous. If you have them, bring them to us for save disposal.
Click here for a special update on our book recycling program.
Fishing Line Recycling
Rechargeable Batteries
Used monofilament line and spools can be dropped off at our office to be recycled. They are sent away and made into fish habitats, improving fisheries everywhere! Click here for more info.
While standard alkaline batteries can be disposed of in the trash, Lithium and NiCad batteries can be recycled at our office during normal business hours.


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