Recycling in Cambria County

From drop off recycling bin sites to scrap yards and compost facilities, if it can be recycled in Cambria County, it's here!

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10-12-2020: Special Notice Regarding Plastics Recycling:

Plastics recycling is back!!! We are once again accepting #1 and #2 plastic bottles, jugs, and jars at our bin sites throughout Cambria County. Thank you for your patience!

Act 101 - The Law on Recycling
Ever wonder why we do what we do? PA Act 101 explains it all.

Recycling with the Solid Waste Authority


Recycling Bin Sites

What can we recycle and how do we do it? All the info on recycling with the CCSWA can be found here.

Need to find a drop-off site? Click here for a County map with site locations.

Special Collections
Recycling - Just about everything else

If it's not taken at the bins, it must be a Special Collection! Find out about junk mail, e-waste, and more.

For hard to recycle items, or things that you just don't have a clue, check out our "everything else" section!


Recycling for Businesses
Click here for tips on how to reduce waste and reuse
more things around the house.
If you own a business or work for one, click here for
information about recycling at work and more.
School Recycling
  Municipal Recycling

Teachers, administrators, and students looking to
start a recycling program will find this section

Recycling is sometimes handled on a municipal level.
Whether by state mandate or a voluntary service, find
out more info here.
Apartment Recycling
For apartment dwellers and owners, click here for
information on recycling in multi-family units.
Whether at home or at work, composting food items
saves landfill space and produces a very usable product!