What is Grasscycling

Grasscycling is the practice of letting your clippings lay on the lawn rather than raking and bagging. Even moderate sized yards can generate several bags of grass every cutting. It makes sense to recycle the nutrients in the grass back into your lawn instead of dumping them where they will not decompose do to lack of sunshine, water and oxygen. Landfilling will also eventually increase the cost of your waste collection.
Why Grasscycle? 
  • Grasscycling saves time since you rake less.
  • It reduces landfilled waste.
  • The clippings fertilize your lawn naturally, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Higher cutting discourages broadleaf weeds without using toxic weed controls.
  • You will have more time to sit on the porch and enjoy the beauty of your yard
How do you Grasscycle?

Grasscycling isn't complicated, but it does require some changes in your mowing practices. Here's how to do it:

  • Cut your grass higher than normal. This also discourages broadleaf weeds (like dandelion and plantain) that thrive in closely mown lawns.
  • Try not to mow more than a third of the height of your grass. If you don't mow often enough, the clippings will need raking, even with a mulching mower.
  • Remember that overuse of chemical fertilizer causes excessive top growth and makes grasscycling more difficult.
  • Mulching mowers make grasscycling easier but it can still be done with a regular mower.


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