Why Not Freecycle It?

Sometimes we just can't seem to get rid of things. We ask around, but nobody wants it. We try to have a yardsale, and nobody comes. We ask local charities if they accept it as a donation, and they can't. It still works, but why won't anybody take it? Well, somtimes it's just a matter of finding the right person who needs that extra refrigerator, couch, camcorder, bicycle, or whatever you may have.

Finally, there's a solution...Freecycle! It's a national organization that operates through on-line message boards to connect users to eachother. Freecycle users post items that they need to get rid of so that other users can see the message and make arrangements to pick it up. It's a great way of finding great used items from your neighbors and avoiding sending more to the landfill!

There are 2 groups operating in the region - one for Cambria and one for Blair Counties. For more information on each group, click on a link below.

For the Cambria County chapter of Freecycle:
Click Here

For the Blair County chapter of Freecycle:
Click Here


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