Monofilament Fishing Line Recycling

Don't leave it on the water or in the trash, bring it in and let us put it to good use!

What type of line is accepted?

What is not accepted?
Monofilament fishing line - any color, any weight
Fishing line spools
Braided lines
Metal-core lines
With all of the fishermen out there on local lakes, ponds, and streams, we decided that this would be another great item to collect and recycle from our residents. We will collect used monofilament fishing line here at our office in Ebensburg. The line sent to Berkley, maker of Berkley Trilene fishing line, who will then recycle all of the used line to make artificial habitats for fish and other aquatic life.

Berkley's "Fish Habs" were first developed in 1993 and have been used in many waters across the United States to rejuvenate the fish population and provide structure in otherwise barron waterways. The development of the "Fish Hab" was done in conjunction with the American Fisheries Society, and staff at the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Fish and Wildlife service.

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