Just about everything else...

Though we may only take a limited number of recyclable items at the bins,
there are many outlets for recycling or properly disposal of other items.


Freon Appliances:

  • PA CleanWays Spring/Fall Appliance Collection Events
  • Area appliance dealers:
    • Krisay's (Johnstown) - 536-3287
    • R&R Appliance (Johnstown) - 536-6723
    • Farabaugh Refrigeration (Ebensburg) - 472-7894
    • Elias Scrapyard (Northern Cambria) - 948-9100
Non-Freon Appliances:
Automobiles (whole)
  • Johnstown Scrap - 535-5259
  • Joe Krentzmen and Sons - 696-0234
  • Kantner Iron and Steel - 893-5668
Automotive Batteries

Motor Oil


Other Fluids

  • Johnstown Public Works Dept. - 533-2061
  • Check with local garages to see what they may take.
  • CCSWA HHW Collection
  • Laurel Highlands Landfill, Vintondale - 749-9065
  • Southern Alleghenies Landfill, Davidsville - 479-2537
  • Keep Cambria Co. Beautiful Annual Tire & Appliance Collections - 472-2120


Alkaline Batteries
  • Throw in the trash
Li, NiCad Rechargeables
Powertool Batteries
  • RBRC Collection Containers inside Lowe's, Home Depot,
    Sear's, and other hardware stores
Household Cleaners
Industrial Chemicals
  • Safety Kleen, Johnstown - 266-4815
Latex Paint
Oil-based Paint
  • CCSWA Household Hazardous Waste Collection
  • If nearly empty, solidify with a clumping agent and set out
    for normal trash collection when hardened.
    • Oil-based paints will NOT air-dry. A clumping agent
      must be used.
Varnish, Thinners, Etc.
Fluorescent Lightbulbs:    
Fluorescent Tubes
  • If from a residence, throw in with regular trash.
  • If from a business, contact the Hite Company or Scanlan Electric
Compressed Gas
Larger Propane Tanks
  • Agway, Ebensburg - 472-8082
  • Propane tank exchange stations (Sheetz, Lowes, etc.)
    trade for a new tank
  • Dale Oxygen, Johnstown - 535-3594
  • If empty, remove the valve portion and take to a local
    scrap yard for recycling.
Smaller Propane Tanks
Other Compressed Gases
  • Dale Oxygen, Johnstown - 535-3594
  • Call Solid Waste Authority - 472-2109
Grocery Bags
Grocery Bags
  • Return to store for recycling - Walmart, Giant Eagle, BiLo
  • Bags are NOT accepted at the Big Blue Bins
Junk Mail
  • CCSWA Office, Ebensburg - 472-2109
Phone Books
  • Big Blue Bins:
    • Remove covers. Covers go in with magazines. Center
      section goes in with newspapers.
White Office Paper
  • Big Blue Bins sites located at:
    • CCSWA Office, Ebensburg
    • UPJ
    • St. Francis University
    • DEP Building, Ebensbug
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