Electronics Recycling Collection

Electronics recycling has been a popular special collection, with material increasing year by year. Under PA law, certain materials can not go to landfills, namely televisions and computer equipment. Other items may still be disposed of, but can also be recycled. We offer this service to all residents during business hours, Monday through Friday 9am to 3:30pm, at our office located at 507 Manor Drive, Ebensburg.

Please note the following changes to our electronics program:
Drop-off hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 3:30pm only. No after-hours drop-offs are permitted.
This collection is for Cambria County residents ONLY.

Why recycle electronics?
The following items are collected for NO CHARGE:
With the passage of the ban on electronics going into our landfills, recycling is the best option for your old equipment. Electronics often contain hazardous materials which can harm our environment. A common television or computer monitor contains lead, mercury, and cadmium - all great environmental offenders. Recycling this equipment is the best way to ensure that it is handled safely.

Computer Monitors
Personal Computers
Keyboards, Mice, other Peripherals
Computer Printers

Where do I take my electronics?   The following items are collected with a fee:
The Solid Waste Authority accepts electronics (listed at right) for recycling during our business hours - Monday through Friday, 9am-3:30pm. After-hours drop-offs can not be accepted and are considered illegal dumping, punishable by fines. Sorry, but we can not pick up materials nor can we accept them at the bin sites.
  Answering Machines
Cable/Satellinte TV Control Boxes/DVRs
Camcorders and Digital Cameras
CD Players
DVD Players/Recorders
Electric Typewriters
Fax Machines
Small Microwaves
Large Microwaves
Network Equipment
Storage Media: CDs, DVDs, Tapes, etc.
Small Computer Speakers
Tape Players
Telephone Equipment
Word Processors
$20+ each piece
$2 to $20
$10 to $20
What about my hard drive and personal information?  
Although we can not provide 100% security, you can feel quite safe with us. All materials are locked in our storage building, with the only key accessible by Authority employees. Once the materials are collected from us by the end processor, hard drives and all materials are physically destroyed before being sorted for recycling. Physical destruction is the ONLY 100% fail-safe option to destroy hard drive information.
Have a business or large quantity to recycle?  
If you have a large quantity of electronic equipment from a home or business, please contact the Solid Waste Authority. While we can usually accept larger quantities, certain restrictions do apply. Bulk material that warrants a fee (see right) can be paid for by the piece or per pound if a weigh slip from a certified weigh station is presented with the material.
**Please note: The Solid Waste Authority maintains the right to refuse any items for drop-off based on condition, cleanliness, quantity, material, or any other reason that inhibits the safe and efficient recycling of these items.**
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