Apartment Recycling

Recycling in an apartment complex can often be more of a community effort than recycling in a house. Here is some information for both landlords and tenants.

Apartment Recycling in Mandated Communities

Multifamily buildings in mandated recycling communities are required to recycle the same materials as single family, duplex, and triplex residential dwellings. These communities include:

  • Richland Township
  • Upper Yoder Township
  • City of Johnstown
  • Westmont Borough
Tenant Responsibilities Landlord Responsibilities
Tenants are responsible for separating and preparing materials for recycling. It makes sense to have a small recycling container in the apartment's kitchen that can be taken to the building's recycling area every few days or once each week. If landlords neglect their responsibilities, tenants should politely as about provisions. If that fails, a call to a municipal office may be in order.

Though specific requirements vary from one municipality to another, good apartment recycling programs share some common ingredients:

  • A sufficient number of receptacles in convenient locations
  • Adequate sized receptacles
  • Ongoing education of tenants
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