How to Report Illegal Dumping


Reporting an illegal dump site or illegal dumping activity is easy. Any reports can be done anonymously, but having your contact information helps us to uncover information and reference the source of a tip in legal proceedings.

When contacting us for a tip, please include all relative information:

  • Location of dump site - road, distance to houses/towns
  • Material that has been dumped
  • Description of persons using the site
  • Description of vehicles at the site, including plate numbers if possible

To report dumping, contact the Authority's Compliance Officer by any of the means listed. We appreciate all help and we do investigate every tip we receive!

Please note: Dumping on private property or neighborly disputes must be brought before the municipality. We can not get involved in civil matters.

Michael Martin, CCSWA Compliance Officer

e-mail: Michael Martin
attn: Report Dumping

Phone: 1-877-2-DROP-IT-off

Report Dumping
c/o Cambria County Solid Waste Authority
PO Box 445 507 Manor Dr.
Ebensburg, PA 15931

To report illegal dumping in another County in PA, visit
Illegal Dump Free PA
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