Wishing Well

Here's a little place to store your wishes...or pennies, or paperclips!

Materials Needed:

  1. Soup Can
  2. Popsicle or craft sticks
  3. Glue
  4. Cardboard from Cereal box
  5. Scotch Tape
  6. Light Blue Paint
  7. Light Brown Paint
  8. Paint Brush
  9. Water
  10. Scissors
  11. Scrap Construction Paper
  12. Duct Tape
    1. Cut a piece of construction paper to wrap around the can. Mark the point where the end overlaps. This will be your can diameter. Unroll the paper and place flat on table.

    2. Align popsicle or craft sticks from the edge of the paper to the line, going over if you fall short. Align the ends of the popsicle sticks and use a long piece of Scotch tape to hold together. Flip over.

    3. Line 2 sets of sticks side by side a distance equal to the width of the can. Tape each set together. This will be the roof sides.

    4. Take 4 sticks and slightly break the top ends to bend over. Tape or glue together in sets of 2. These will be the roof trusses.

    5. Mix a very small amount of each color paint with a larger amount of water. Gently brush on the brown "wash" and let dry. Use the blue wash to "antique" the ends of the sticks. Allow to dry completely.

    6. Cut a piece of cereal box or similar paperboard to fit under the roof sides. Bend in half and glue each roof side to a folded side of cardboard.

    7. Glue the long strip of sticks to the outside of the can. This may take some time to dry, so you may need to put a few rubberbands around the can to hold it.

    8. When glue is dry, attach the roof trusses to opposite sides of the inside of the can, folds up. Use duct tape to hold them to the inside of the can. Gently fold the roof to match the angle of the bended sticks and glue in place. Allow to dry completely before moving.

    9. Voila! You're done! Fill your wishing well with dried or artificial flowers, potpourri, or colored scraps of fabric or felt. Adorn the outside of the well with fabric hearts or other shapes.

      **To make the vine pictured above, simply cut heart shapes from a piece of craft felt and thread them onto a green pipe cleaner!


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