Newspaper Giftwrap

Turn a little creative recycling into a great gift for others!

Materials Needed:

    1. Old newspaper
    2. Scissors
    3. Tape
    4. Small piece of colored paper

    1. Trim a sheet of newspaper to the size you need to wrap the present.

    2. Wrap the present as you would with wrapping paper.

    3. Cut out a comic strip to go on top of the package.

    4. Cut a piece of colored paper slightly larger than the comic. This will be the border to highlight the comic strip.

    5. Tape the comic and colored paper to the top of the present.

    6. Cut a length of wire hanger and bend to form the handle.

    7. Recycle the remaining newspaper.

    8. Watch as they person gets a good chuckle out of the comic before opening your gift!

      **You could also create a newspaper raffia bow by shredding some newspaper and tying it to go on top of the package.


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