CD Dream Catcher

A folklore favorite with a modern twist!

Materials Needed:

  1. Old CD (scratched, outdated, non-usable)
  2. Glue
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Glitter, various colors
  5. String, yarn or twine
  6. Beads, various colors
  7. Feathers
  8. Electric drill (to put holes in CD) - **Please have a grown up
    drill the holes**
    1. Drill 1 hole at the "top" of the CD about 1/4 inch from the side of the CD.
      1. Drill 3 holes in the bottom - one directly across from the top hole, and 1 hole evenly spaced on both sides of the middle. Being accurate will ensure that the Dream Catcher will hang straight.
    2. Brush glue lightly onto the label side of the CD.
    3. Sprinkle glitter on glue. Use different colors to make a pattern if you wish. Allow 1 hour for glue to dry (you can move on to the next steps in the mean time).
    4. Cut 2 lengths of twine about 18 inches in length. Tie a double knot (one on top of the other) at one end. This will be the bottom. String a few beads onto the strand. Tie another double knot in the middle and string a few more beads.
      1. Stringing only 4-7 beads on the strands will make them lighter and easier to sway in the breeze.
      2. Tie an extra knot above the middle clump of beads to prevent them from slipping upwards.
      3. Tying extra large knots prevents the beads from slipping off of the twine.
    5. Make 2 18 inch strands that are the same. (They will counterbalance eachother.)
    6. Cut 1 length of twine about 24 inches long. Follow above procedure for knots and beads. Feel free to put a few more beads on this strand, it will be the center in the bottom and provide balance to the Dream Catcher.
    7. String a few feathers onto each strand. It might be easiest to feed the shaft of the feather through the beads - they will hold it in place.
    8. Tie the longest strand to the center bottom hole, and each shorter strand to the outer holes.
    9. Cut a 3 inch length of twine, string through top hole, and tie a knot to form a loop.
    10. Hang from the top loop of twine and enjoy your creation!
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