Household Hazardous Waste

Many of us have HHW around the home but don't even realize it.
These items should never be put into the trash nor dumped down the drain.

The 2020 HHW Collection Event will take place on Saturday, Aug 1.
Click here for important information regarding this year's collection.

Bleach, drain cleaner, window cleaner, paint, pesticides, herbicides, degreasers, rust removers. What do all of these have in commmon?

All of these items contain harmful chemicals that can pollute and do damage when released into the environment. Items such as this are referred to as Household Hazardous Waste, or HHW, and are often hard to dispose of. Many times we are tempted to dump these materials down the drain or somewhere outside, but the pollution that results is harmful to our drinking water, our surroundings, and ourselves. Not only is dumping it down the drain immoral, it is often illegal.

For many, the chemicals that we store in our basements can leak out over time spilling onto the floor or evaporating into the air. Although many chemicals have a foul odor to alert you of their presence, not all will have a smell.

HHW is one of the most difficult of substances to dispose of due to their volatile and corrosive nature. If you have such chemicals and need to find a way to dispose of them, please check out our HHW FAQ section below, or e-mail us your questions here.

For more information on HHW or to check out collection events near you,
please visit the site for Zero Waste Pittsburgh.
Have questions? Here's answers - HHW FAQ page!
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