Disposal of Building Materials

Whether building, demolishing, or rennovating a home, waste building materials must be handle properly


When working on a home construction or rennovation project, waste materials must always be disposed of in accordance with local ordinances. A small quantity of materials may be accepted by your waste hauler at the curb for weekly pick-up, but larger projects require the use of a dumpster, roll-off container, or other means to transport the materials to the landfill. Contact your hauler for information on container service. It may just save you a pile of money and a lot of headaches.

For a list of area haulers, click here.

For a list of area landfills, click here.

Attention Home Owners:

If you are hiring a contractor to do repairs on your home, make sure that they are taking the waste to the proper disposal facility. Some unsavory contractors may charge a disposal fee just to dump the material illegally.

  • Ask the contractor how they are planning to store the material. Roll-off bins or trailers are a good tip that they are hauling it to the landfill. If they are using their own pick-up truck to haul waste materials, this could be one clue to unsavory disposal practices.
  • Find out where they plan to dispose of the items.
  • Follow up with the landfill the day of or after they materials are hauled away.
  • Ask the contractor for weigh slips and receipts from the landfill to confirm everything was handled properly.
  • If you find that the contractor might have illegal disposed of the items, call your municipality or local authorities and report any incidents.

When speaking to the contractor, make sure to ask about the disposal of items. If they say that they "have a place" to put it all, they don't mean that they're doing it properly or legally. Eventhough they haul the material away, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that it goes to the right place. If it does not, YOU will be held responsible!!

* Dumping material of any sort in the woods,near a stream, or on any public land is considered illegal dumping and can result in serious fines for the dumper! **


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