What do I do with...?

We always get this sort of question, so here's a list of items and what to do with them.

Building Materials
Car Batteries
  • Check list of local scrap yards here
  • Naugle Auto & Truck, Mundys Corner - 659-7429
  • Advance Auto Parts stores
Motor Oil
  • Take used motor oil to Advanced Auto stores in your area for recycling.
  • Contact area garages to see if they will accept used oil.
  • In the Johnstown area, contact the Public Works Dept. at 533-2061.
  • In Northern Cambria, contact Al's Tire at 948-7800.
Old Paint


Propane Tanks
  • For larger tanks (grill-size):
    • Trade in for a new tank at many convenience stores, hardware stores, etc.
  • To recycle, bleed the tank empty, pop the valve out of the tank, take to local scrap yard to recycle.
  • Empty tanks can also be taken to Dale Oxygen in Johnstown or the Agway store in Ebensburg.
  • Small propane tanks are accepted at the HHW Event for a fee of $3 each.


For a larger list of items that can be recycled in the region, click here for the
"Everything Else" page in our Recycling section.


Still can't find what you are looking for? Shoot us an email and we'll be happy to answer your quandry and add it to our website.


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